Title: A meadow Piece
Developer: Genlivpat
Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Indie, Puzzle, Casual
Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Yes/Yes
Platforms: Steam (PC Windows / Mac OS X)
Release date: March 7, 2019
Price: 13.99$ / 11.59

Observe, modify, build, and fight within a self developing environment.

The unique evolution system is the core of A meadow Piece. This ensure that every meadow develops slightly different. Enjoy this chilling simulation part of the game or try to increase the viability of a meadow and fight against enemy aliens. Modify each flower and the meadow to prepare you for the fight. A meadow Piece is a sophisticated nature simulation. Even the daytime and the weather affects the meadow. It is completed with a chilling soundtrack that is created with a dynamic mixing system.

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The nature like evolution system ensures that every meadow develops slightly different. Elaborated nature simulation where everything influences the meadow, the immediate surroundings, the daytime and the weather. Lifetime, petal color and cost for seed are almost continuously variable. Together with the different numbers of petals, they produce countless property combinations for each flower. Modify the flowers on the meadow with unique modifications that are produced by the meadow. 27 simple and 27 complex modifications, these are for each flower more than 120,000 modification combinations. Online multiplayer with up to 4 players at the same time, cooperative or against each other. Defend yourself against an increasing number of hostile aliens, and you can determine when they attack. Chilling soundtrack with a dynamic mixing system.
About the developer:
Dennis Reike is a programmer, psychologist and scientist. He studied psychology and has worked as a scientist in this field for years. For this, he programmed tons of computer experiments. And, he is an expert in advanced data analysis and mathematical as well as computational modeling. At the same time, he developed a game completely by himself in his free time for years. The goal was to create a game that offers an environment that is not just procedural. Instead, it should be developing further over the playtime and should be completely interactive. Such a game provides a high replayability and produce unforeseen situations. In addition, he would like to visualize math, patterns and random in a perfectly shaped manner. A meadow Piece meets these criteria tough. Therefore, he decided to set up Genlivpat and bring the flowers to you.

Press contact:
Name: Dennis Reike


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